MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers

May, 2006

inc Reference Guide

inc: incorporate new mail

+folder (default: inbox)
Folder name
-audit audit-file
Write scan lines to audit-file
-noaudit (default)
Don't audit
-changecur (default)
Make first new message the current message
Don't change current message
-file file
Read messages from file, not system mailbox
-form formatfile, more...
scan format file for message display
-format string
scan format string for message display
-width columns (default: screen width)
scan output width
Don't scan to screen or audit-file
-nosilent (default)
Write scan lines to screen, and audit-file if given
-truncate (default if no -file)
Empty system mailbox after incorporating messages
-notruncate (default if -file)
Don't empty mailbox
-pack file
(POP only) Write all messages to file instead of splitting into folder
-nopack (default)
(POP only) Put POP'ed messages into folder