MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers

May, 2006

mhlist Reference Guide

mhlist: summarize MIME messages (nmh only)

+folder (default: current folder)
Folder name
msgs (default: current)
Message(s) to process
-file file
File to use (instead of message in a folder)
-part part
List only part number part
-type type
List only part with content-type type
-headers (default)
Print banner above listing
Don't print banner
-realsize (default)
List decoded part size
List encoded part size
-rcache policy, more...
Policy for reading cache. Values: public, private, never, ask
-wcache policy, more...
Policy for writing cache. Values: public, private, never, ask
Test message integrity check, if any
-nocheck (default)
Don't check message
Show more information from message header
-noverbose (default)
Give standard information